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Busta Rhymes Discography

The Coming (1996)

01. The Coming (Intro)
02. Do My Thing
03. Everthing Remains Raw
04. Abandon Ship (Feat. Rampage)
05. Woo Hah! (Got You All In Check)
06. It's A Party (Feat. Zhané)
07. Hot Fudge
08. Ill Vibe (Feat. Q-Tip)
09. Flipmode Squad Meets Def Squad (Feat. Rampage, Redman, Keith Murray & Jamal)
10. Still Shining
11. Keep It Movin'
12. The Finish Line
13. The End Of The World (Outro)

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When Disaster Strikes (1997)

"The Whole World Lookin' at Me" (Produced by DJ Scratch)
"Survival Hungry" (Produced by Busta Rhymes)
"When Disaster Strikes" (Produced by DJ Scratch)
"So Hardcore" (Produced by The Ummah)
"Get High Tonight" (Produced by DJ Scratch)
Sample "Get Down Tonight" by KC & the Sunshine Band
"Turn It Up" (Produced by Busta Rhymes)
*Sample "Love and Happiness" by Al Green
"Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See" (Produced by Shamello & Buddah, co-produced by Epitome)
"It's All Good"(Produced by Latief)¹ ²
Sample "Sweet Green Fields" by Seals & Crofts
"There's Not a Problem My Squad Can't Fix" (featuring Jamal) (Produced by Busta Rhymes)
"We Could Take It Outside" (featuring The Flipmode Squad: Rampage, Serious, Spliff Star, Lord Have Mercy, Rah Digga & Baby Sham) (Produced by DJ Scratch)
"Rhymes Galore" (Produced by Rashad Smith)
Sample "Do the Funky Penguin" by Rufus Thomas
"Things We Be Doin' For Money, Pt. 1" (Produced by Easy Mo Bee)
"Things We Be Doin' For Money, Pt. 2" (featuring Rampage, Anthony Hamilton & The Chosen Generation) (Produced by 8 Off, co-produced by Clarence Dorsey)
"One" (featuring Erykah Badu) (Produced by Rockwilder)
Sample "Love's In Need Of Love Today" by Stevie Wonder
"Dangerous" (Produced by Rashad Smith)
Sample "E.T. Boogie" by Extra T's
"The Body Rock" (featuring Rampage, Sean "Puffy" Combs & Mase) (Produced by Sean "Puffy" Combs for The Hitmen)
"Get Off My Block" (featuring Lord Have Mercy) (Produced by DJ Scratch)
"Outro (Preparation For the Final World Front)"

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E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event): The Final World Front (1998)

01. Intro: There's Only One Year Left
02. Everybody Rise
03. Where We About To Take It
04. Extinction Level Event (The Song Of Salvation)
05. Tear Da Roof Off
06. Against All Odds (Feat. Flipmode Squad)
07. Just Give It To Me Raw
08. Do It To Death
09. Keepin' It Tight
10. Gimme Some More
11. Iz They Wildin' Wit Us & Gettin' Rowdy Wit Us (Feat. Mystikal)
12. Party Is Goin' On Over Here
13. Do The Bus-A-Bus
14. Take It Off
15. What's It Gonna Be (Feat. Janet Jackson)
16. Hot Shit Makin' Ya Bounce
17. What The Fuck You Want
18. This Means War!!! (Feat. Ozzy Osbourne)
19. Outro (The Burial Song)

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Anarchy (2000)

"Intro: The Current State Of Anarchy" – 2:27
"Salute Da Gods!!" – 3:46
Produced by DJ Scratch
"Enjoy Da Ride” – 3:36
Produced by Jay Dee
"We Put It Down For Y’All" – 3:29
Produced by Swizz Beatz
"Bladow!!" – 3:40
Produced by Scott Storch
"Street Shit" – 3:54
Produced by Just Blaze
"Live It Up" – 3:41
Produced by Jay Dee
"Fire" – 2:49
Produced by Busta Rhymes
"All Night" – 3:44
Produced by Swizz Beatz
"Show Me What You Got" – 3:43
Produced by Jay Dee
"Get Out!!" – 3:03
Produced by Nottz
"The Heist" featuring Ghostface Killah, Raekwon and Roc Marciano – 4:16
Produced by Large Professor
"A Trip Out Of Town" – 5:25
Produced by Nottz
"How Much We Grew" – 4:54
Produced by DJ Shok
"Here We Go Again" featuring Flipmode Squad – 3:28
Produced by Just Blaze
"We Comin' Through" – 2:59
Produced by DJ Scratch
"C'mon All My Niggaz, C'mon All My Bitches" - 2:54
Produced by DJ Scratch
"Make Noise" featuring Lenny Kravitz – 3:17
Produced by Rockwilder
"Ready For War" featuring M.O.P. – 4:18
Produced by Busta Rhymes
"Why We Die" featuring DMX and Jay-Z – 3:59
Produced by P. Killer Trackz
"Anarchy" – 4:12
Produced by Nottz
"Outro" featuring Baby Sham, Bolo, Spliff Star – 0:45

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Genesis (2001)

Part One: Ceo Interlude
Performed by Busta Rhymes & Clive Davis
Part Two: Dolemite Interlude
Produced by Nottz
Vocals by Rudy Ray Moore P/K/A Dolemite
"Everybody Rise Again"
Produced by Just Blaze
"As I Come Back"
Produced by The Neptunes
Contains replayed elements from "Scenario (Remix)," originally performed by A Tribe Called Quest
"Shut 'Em Down 2002"
Produced by Pete Rock
Contains elements from "Shut 'Em Down (Pete Rock Remix)," performed by Public Enemy
Produced by Jay Dee
Contains elements from "Cosmic Mind Affair," performed by Acqua Fragile
"Betta Stay Up In Your House"
Featuring Rah Digga
Produced by Yogi
Contains elements from "Eddie You Should Know Better," performed by Curtis Mayfield
"We Got What You Want"
Produced by Just Blaze
Additional vocals by Tracy Leila
"Truck Volume"
Produced by Dr. Dre
"Pass the Courvoisier"
Featuring P. Diddy
Produced by Nottz
Contains re-sung elements from "Shake Ya Ass," "Easy Come, Easy Go," "Rapper's Delight" and "Scenario"
"Break Ya Neck"
Produced by Dr. Dre
Background vocals by Truth Hurts
Contains replayed elements from "Give It Away," originally performed by Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Bounce (Let Me See Ya Throw It)"
Produced by Mel-Man
Produced by Dr. Dre
Background vocals by Truth Hurts
"Wife in Law"
Featuring Jaheim
Produced by Diamond D
Contains re-sung elements from "A Woman Needs Love (Just Like You Do)"
"Ass on Your Shoulders"
Featuring Kokane
Produced by Battlecat
"Make It Hurt"
Produced by Jay Dee
Additional vocals by Tracy Leila
"What It Is"
Featuring Kelis
Produced by The Neptunes
"There's Only One"
Featuring Mary J. Blige
Produced by Michaelangelo
"You Ain't Fuckin' Wit Me"
Produced by Michaelangelo
"Match the Name With the Voice"
Featuring Flipmode Squad
Produced by Just Blaze
"Bad Dreams"
Produced by Nottz
Contains elements from "Now the Green Blade Riseth (Noël Nouvelet)"

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It Ain't Safe No More (2002)

01. Intro
02. It Ain't Safe No More
03. What Can You Do When You're Branded
04. Call The Ambulance (Feat. Rampage)
05. We Goin' To Do It To Ya
06. What Up
07. Turn Me Up Some
08. Make It Clap (Feat. Spliff Star)
09. Take It Off Part 2 (Feat. Meka)
10. Taste It
11. Hey Ladies
12. I Know What You Want (Feat. Mariah Carey & Flipmode Squad)
13. Riot
14. Hop
15. Together (Feat. Rah Digga)
16. Struttin' Like A G.O.D.
17. The Struggle Will Be Lost (Feat. Carl Thomas)
18. 'Till It's Gone
19. Make It Clap (Remix) (Feat. Spliff Star & Sean Paul)

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The Big Bang (2006)

01. Get You Some (Feat. Q-Tip & Marsha Ambrosius)
02. Touch It
03. How We Do It Over Here (Feat. Missy Elliot)
04. New York Shit (Feat. Swizz Beatz)
05. Been Through The Storm (Feat. Stevie Wonder)
06. In The Ghetto (Feat. Rick James)
07. Cocaina (Feat. Marsha Ambrosius)
08. You Can't Hold The Torch (Feat. Q-Tip & Chauncey Black)
09. Goldmine (Feat. Raekwon)
10. I Love My Bitch (Feat. Kelis & Will.I.Am)
11. Don't Get Carried Away (Feat. Nas)
12. They're Out To Get Me (Feat. Mr. Porter)
13. Get Down
14. I'll Do It All (Feat. LaToiya Williams)
15. Legends Of The Fall Offs

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The Crown

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Leaders of the New School:
A Future without a Past:

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T.I.M.E. (The Inner Mind's Eye)

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Flipmode Squad:


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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kid Cudi Discography

A Kid Named Cudi

"Intro" - 0:50
"Down & Out"- 4:09
"Is There Any Love?" (featuring Wale) - 3:31
"Cudi Get" - 2:20
"Man on the Moon (The Anthem)" - 3:27
"The Prayer" - 3:39
"Day 'n' Night" - 2:48
"Embrace the Martian" - 3:35 *
"Maui Wowie" - 2:24
"50 Ways to Make a Record" - 2:55
"Whenever" - 2:04
"Pillow Talk" - 3:24
"Save My Soul (The Cudi Confession)" - 2:03
"T.G.I.F." (featuring Chip tha Ripper) - 2:23
"Cudi Spazzin'" - 3:06
"Cleveland Is the Reason" - 3:46
"Heaven at Nite" - 3:17

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Drake Discography


2009: So Far Gone

"Lust for Life"
"Successful" (feat. Trey Songz & Lil Wayne)
"Let's Call It Off" (feat. Peter Bjorn and John)
"November 18th"
"Ignant Shit" (feat. Lil Wayne)
"A Night Off" (feat. Lloyd)
"Say What's Real"
"Little Bit" (feat. Lykke Li)
"Best I Ever Had"
"Unstoppable" (feat. Santogold & Lil Wayne)
"Uptown" (feat. Bun B & Lil Wayne)
"Sooner Than Later"
"Bria's Interlude" (feat. Omarion)
"The Calm"
"Brand New" (bonus track)
"Congratulations" (bonus track)

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2008: Heartbreak Drake

1. Heartbreak Drake Intro
2. Say Whats Real Prod by Kanye West
3. A Little Bit feat Lykke Li
4. Cant Stop Missing U feat Trey Songz
5. Ransom feat Lil Wayne
6. Man of the Year feat Lil Wayne
7. Pop Rose' feat Trey Songz
8. Sooner Than Later
9. Money 2 Blow
10. Replacement Girl feat Trey Songz
11. Brand New
12. Come Real feat Kyoko
13. Take Your Girl feat Lil Wayne
14. Closer 2 My Dreams feat Adreena Mills
15. The City Is Mine Remix
16. Forever feat Lil Wayne & Nut Da Kid
17. I'm Still Fly
18. Swagga Like Us
19. This Bitch is Crazy
20. Stunt Hard feat Lil Wayne & Nut da Kid
21. Goin In 4 Life
22. Teach U A Lesson feat Robin Thicke
23. Cannonball feat Colin Munroe
24. Brand New Remix feat Lil Wayne

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2007: Comeback Season

1. Intro
2. The Presentation
3. Comeback Season
4. Closer Featuring Andreena Mill
5. Replacement Girl Featuring Trey Songz
6. Barry Bonds Freestyle
7. Going In For Life
8. Where To Now
9. Share
10.Give Ya Featuring Trey Songz
11.Don't U Have A Man Featuring Dwele & Little Brother
12.B!#ch Is Crazy
13.The Last Hope Featuring Kardinal Offishall & Andreena Mill
14.Must Hate Money Featuring Rich Boy
15.Asthma Team
16.Do What U Do (Remix) Featuring Malice of The Clipse & Nickelus F.
17.Easy To Please Featuring Richie Sosa
19.Underdog Featuring Trey Songz
20.Think Good Thoughts Featuring Little Brother
21.Teach U A Lesson Featuring Robin Thicke
22.Missin' You (Remix) Featuring Trey Songz
23.Man Of The Year Featuring Lil' Wayne

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2006: Room for Improvement

1. Intro
2. Pianist Hands (Skit #1)
3. Special Featuring Voyce
4. Do What You Do
5. Money (Remix) Featuring Nickelus F.
6. A.M. 2 P.M. Featuring Nickelus F.
7. City Is Mine
8. Drake's Voice (Skit #2)
9. Bad Meanin' Good Featuring Slakah the Beatchild
10.Thrill Is Gone
11.Make Things Right
12.Video Girl Featuring Sean G.
13.Drake's Voice (Skit #3)
14.Come Winter
15.Extra Special
16.About The Game (Remix) Featuring Trey Songz
17.All This Love Featuring Voyce
18.Drake's Voice (Skit #4)
19.A Scorpio's Mind Featuring Nickelus F.
21.Try Harder
22.Kick, Push (Remix) Featuring Lupe Fiasco
23.U.P.A. Outro

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2008: Greatest Hits
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Ace Hood Discography

Ace Hood-Gutta

01. I Don't Give A fu*k 02:54
02. Can't Stop (Feat. Akon) 03:43
03. Get Em Up 03:45
04. Gutta (Feat. Trick Daddy) 04:00
05. Guns High (Feat. R. City) 04:11
06. Cash Flow (Feat. T-Pain & Rick Ross) 04:22
07. Ride (Feat. Trey Songz) 04:25
08. Fed Bound 04:17
09. Stressin' (Feat. Plies) 05:08
10. Money Ova Here 02:58
11. Can't See Yall (Feat. Brisco) 03:44
12. Get Him 04:07
13. Call Me (Feat. Lloyd) 03:14
14. Ghetto (Feat. Dre) 04:45
15. Top Of The World 03:31
16. Ride (Remix) (Feat. Trey Songz, Rick Ross & Juelz Santana) 03:56

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

N.W.A. Discography

N.W.A. and the Posse (1987)

01. Boyz N The Hood
02. 8 Ball
03. Dunk The Funk
04. A Bitch Iz A Bitch
05. Drink It Up
06. Panic Zone
07. L.A. Is The Place
08. Dope Man
09. Tuffest Man Alive
10. Fat Girl
11. 3 The Hard Way

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Straight Outta Compton (1988)

01. Straight Outta Compton
02. Fuck Tha Police
03. Gangsta Gangsta
04. If It Ain't Ruff
05. Parental Discretion Iz Advised (Feat. The D.O.C.)
06. 8 Ball (Remix)
07. Something Like That
08. Express Yourself
09. Compton's In The House (Remix)
10. I Ain't Tha 1
11. Dopeman (Remix)
12. Quiet On Tha Set
13. Something 2 Dance 2 (Feat. Arabian Prince)
14. Express Yourself (Extended Mix)
15. Bonus Beats
16. Straight Outta Compton (Extended Mix)
17. A Bitch Iz A Bitch

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100 Miles and Runnin' (1990)

01. 100 Miles And Runnin'
02. Just Don't Bite It
03. Sa Prize, Pt. 2
04. Real Niggaz
05. Kamurshol

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Niggaz4life (1991)

01. Prelude (Feat. Above The Law)
02. Real Niggaz Don't Die (Feat. The D.O.C.)
03. Niggaz 4 Life
04. Protest
05. Appetite For Destruction (Feat. Kokane)
06. Don't Drink That Wine
07. Alwayz Into Somethin' (Feat. Admiral Dancehall)
08. Message To B.A.
09. Real Niggaz
10. To Kill A Hooker
11. One Less Bitch
12. Findum, Fuckum And Flee
13. Automobile
14. She Swallowed It
15. I'd Rather Fuck You (Feat. CPO)
16. Approach To Danger (Feat. The D.O.C.)
17. 1-900-2-Compton
18. The Dayz Of Wayback (Feat. Admiral Dancehall)

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Greatest Hits (1996)

01. Live Intro (1989)
02. Arrested (Insert)
03. Gangsta Gangsta
04. Fuck Tha Police (Insert)
05. Fuck Tha Police
06. Compton's In The House (Live)
07. Break Out (Insert)
08. Straight Outta Compton (Extended Mix)
09. If It Ain't Ruff
10. Real Niggaz
11. I Ain't Tha 1
12. Alwayz Into Somethin'
13. Don't Drink That Wine
14. Just Don't Bite It
15. Cash Money (Insert)
16. Express Yourself (Remix)
17. 100 Miles And Runnin'
18. A Bitch Iz A Bitch
19. Real Niggaz Don't Die

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Too Short Discography

Players (1985)

From Here to New York
Don't Even Stop
Wild, Wild West
Dance (Don't Geek)
Coke Dealers

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Raw, Uncut, and X-Rated (1987)

Side one
Invasion of Flat Booty Bitches
She's a Bitch
Oakland, California

Side two
The Bitch Sucks Dick
Short Side
BlowJob Betty (samples Tenor Saw's "Ring the Alarm")

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Don't Stop Rappin' (1988)

"Don't Stop Rappin'"
"Female Funk"
"Playboy Short"

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Born to Mack (1988)

"Mack Attack"" (released on 1988 version)
"Playboy Short II" (Part I on Don't Stop Rappin')
"You Know What I Mean"
"Freaky Tales"
"Dope Fiend Beat"
"Little Girls" (feat. MC Jah)
"The Universal Mix"

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Life Is...Too $hort (1988)

"Life Is...Too Short"
"I Ain't Trippin'"
"Nobody Does it Better"
"Don't Fight the Feelin'"
"City of Dope"
"Pimp the Ho"

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Short Dog's In The House (1990)

"Short Dog's in the House"
"It's Your Life"
"The Ghetto"
"Short But Funky"
"In the Oaktown"
"Dead or Alive"
"Punk Bitch"
"Ain't Nothin' but a Word to Me" (featuring Ice Cube)
"Hard on the Boulevard"
"Paula & Janet"
"Rap Like Me"
"The Ghetto" (Reprise)

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Shorty The Pimp (1992)

Intro: Shorty The Pimp
In The Trunk
I Ain't Nothin' But A Dog
No Love From Oakland
I Want To Be Free (That's The Truth)
Step Daddy
It Don't Stop
So You Want To Be A Gangster
Something To Ride To
Extra Dangerous Thanks

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Get In Where You Fit In (1993)

Don't Fight The Intro - (2:47)
I'm A Player - (6:01)
Just Another Day - (6:34)
Gotta Get Some Lovin' - (5:47)
Money In The Ghetto - (5:42)
B!$*&% Betty (Blowjob Betty) - (5:26)
All My B$*&!%* Are Gone (All My Bitches Are Gone) (featuring Ant Banks) - (5:37)
The Dangerous Crew (featuring Spice 1, Ant Banks, Mhisani, Pee Wee) - (4:30)
Get In Where You Fit In - (8:34)
Playboy $hort - (4:49)
Way Too Real - (5:42)
It's All Good - (6:02)
Oakland Style (featuring FM Blue) - (4:47)

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Greatest Hits, Vol. 1: The Player Years, 1983-1988 (1993) Disc 1-2

Disc: 1
1. The Invasion of the Flat Booty Bitches
2. She's a Bitch
3. The Bitch Sucks Dick
4. Blowjob Betty
5. Short Side
6. Playboy Short
7. From Here to New York
8. Girl (Cocaine) That's Your Life
9. Cake Dealers
10. Female Funk

Disc: 2
1. Oakland, California
2. Don't Stop Rappin'
3. Shortrapp
4. Wild Wild West
5. Every Time
6. Dance (Don't Geek)
7. Don't Ever Stop
8. Players

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Cocktails (1995)

1 "Ain't Nothing Like Pimpin'"
2 "Cocktales"
3 "Can I Get a Bitch" /Ant Banks
4 "Coming up Short" /Pee Wee
5 "Thangs Change" /Spearhead X, Too Short
6 "Paystyle"
7 "Giving Up the Funk" /Ant Banks
8 "Top Down" /Ant Banks
9 "We Do This" featuring MC Breed & 2Pac
10 "Game" featuring (Old School Freddy B)
11 "Sample the Funk"
12 "Don't Fuck for Free" /B Turner

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Gettin' It (Album Number Ten) (1996)

"Gettin' It" (ft. Parliament)
"Survivin' The Game"
"That's Why"
"Bad Ways" (ft. Stud, Murda One and Joe Riz)
"Fuck My Car" (ft. MC Breed)
"Take My Bitch"
"Buy You Some" (ft. Erick Sermon, MC Breed, and Kool-Ace)
"Pimp Me" (ft. Goldie, Kool-Ace, Sir Captain, Sir Charles & Reel Tight)
"Baby D"
"Nasty Rhymes"
"Never Talk Down" (ft. Rappin' 4-Tay & MC Breed)
"I Must Confess" (ft. Reel Tight)
"So Watcha Sayin'"
"I've Been Watching You (Move Your Sexy Body)" (ft. Parliament)

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Greatest Hits (1997)

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Can't Stay Away (1999)

1 "Can't Stay Away" 4:28
2 "Ain't No Bitches" 4:10
3 "Don't Stop Rappin'" (feat. Eightball and MJG) 4:45
4 "Here We Go (Jermaine Dupri Remix)" (feat. Jay-Z and Jermaine Dupri) 4:42
5 "More Freaky Tales" 5:08
6 "You Might Get G'eed" (feat. E-40, Daz, Soopafly) 5:22
7 "Good Life" 3:55
8 "Longevity" (feat. Scarface, K.B., Otis, Shug) 4:00
9 "How Does It Feel" (feat. Dwayne Wiggins) 4:31
10 "What Happened To The Groupies" (feat. B-Legit) 5:35
11 "Invasion Of The Flat Booty Bitches" 4:26
12 "Can't Stay Away (Outro)" 1:32
13 "It's About That Money" (feat. P. Diddy) 4:45
14 "Nation Riders" - Slink Capone 4:44
15 "G-2000" - Badwayz 4:34
16 "Don't Trust Her" - Badwayz 4:36
17 "In The Studio" - Quint Black 2:54

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You Nasty (2000)

"Anything is Possible"- 4:22
"You Nasty"- 3:30
"Pimp Shit"- 4:46
"Just Like Dope"- 3:54 (Featuring E-40)
"Call Me Daddy"- 3:54
"Recognize Game"- 4:02
"She Know"- 4:29
"2 Bitches"- 3:57
"All the Time"- 3:59
"Where They At?"- 4:00
"Don't Hate the Player"- 3:12
"Be My Dirty Love"- 3:57
"Nation Riders Anthem"- 3:59
"Old School"- 4:30

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Chase the Cat (2001)

1. "Keep Fuckin' Me"
2. "I Luv" (ft Trick Daddy, Scarface & Daz Dillinger)
3. "Late Nite Creep" (ft Jazze Pha, Murda & Packy)
4. "These Are The Tales"
5. "This How We Eat" (ft Tha Eastsidaz, Big Tigger & Kokane)
6. "Candy Paint" (ft MC Breed)
7. "Fire" (ft Erick Sermon)
8. "Can I Hit It"
9. "Chase The Cat" (ft. Dolla Will)
10. "Looking For A Baller" (ft. Jazze Pha)
11. "Pimpin' Ken" (Interlude)
12. "Domestic Violence" (ft. E-40 & Butch Cassidy)
13. "Player For Life"
14. "Analyze The Game"
15. "Talkin' Shit" (ft. B-Legit & Ant Banks)
16. "U Stank" (ft. George Clinton & Baby DC)
17. "Don't Ever Give Up"

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What's My Favorite Word? (2002)

Triple X
Get That Cheese (featuring Roger Troutman Jr.)
That’s Right
The Old Fashioned Way
Quit Hatin’ Pt. 1 (featuring Twista, V White, and Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz)
Quit Hatin’ Pt. 2 (featuring Pimp C and Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz)
Female Players
Cali-O (featuring E-40, B-Legit, Ant Banks and Dwayne Wiggins)
Pimp Life (featuring Devin the Dude, Bun B, and Big Gipp)
Call It Gangster (featuring Petey Pablo and Dolla Will)
Set Up
She Loves Her
The Movie (featuring George Clinton)

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Married to the Game (2003)

1 "Choosin'" Jazze Pha Jagged Edge, Jazze Pha, Keri Hilson
2 "What She Gonna Do?" Ant Banks Dionne Denham
3 "That's How It Goes Down" Lil Jon Oobie
4 "You Can't Fuck With Us" Lil Jon N.O.R.E., Petey Pablo
5 "Shake That Monkey" Lil Jon Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz
6 "Burn Rubber" Lil Jon
7 "Hey, Let's Go" Lil Jon Cutty Cartel, Devin the Dude
8 "" Dez YTCracker
9 "Hobo Hoeing" Dez Dez
10 "Get It" Dez
11 "Married To The Game" Dez
12 "California Girls" Dez Dez
13 "What's A Pimp?" Dez Shanell Woodgett, Val Young
14 "Don't Act Like That" Dez Val Young
15 "Short Short" Dez Dez, Jerry Perkins

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Pimpin' Incorparated (mixtape) (2006)

1. A Pimp's Theme Music
2. Hard on a Bitch
3. Where the Pimps At?
4. I'm Pimpin'
5. Keep It Real Hoe
6. I'm a Pimp
7. Pimping Forever
8. Back Back
9. Six Figga Niggas
10. Buy U Some 2
11. I'm Wit It
12. Cootie Cootie Coo
13. I Wanna Do It
14. Blind Man (Interlude)
15. Pimpin' Inc.
16. Fuck Them
17. We Want It
18. About That Money (P. Diddy Outro)

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Gangsters and Strippers (2006)

1. Gangster's & Strippers - Too Short, Too Short
2. Booty Bounce Bopper - Too Short, Lil B
3. Oakland - Too Short, Big Zeke
4. Sugar Daddy - Too Short, Too Short
5. Gang Bang Music - Too Short, Strike 3
6. Moven - Too Short, Boo Ski
7. Uno - Too Short, Lil Uno
8. Dime a Dozen - Too Short, Too Short
9. Run Up - Too Short, Murda 1
10. Come and See About Me - Too Short, Boo Ski
11. Girl, Get Your Money - Too Short, Malika
12. Let's Get High - Too Short, Ice Mizzle
13. Greatest P.I. - Too Short, Will, Dolla
14. What's That About - Too Short, Lil Red
15. It's the Mob - Too Short, Boo Ski
16. Fight Fair - Too Short, Lil B
17. Show Me How U Do It - Too Short, Too Short
18. Birthday Suite - Too Short, Too Short

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Blow the Whistle (2006)

01. "Call Her A Bitch" Playa Poncho & Maestro 3:58
02. "Blow the Whistle" Lil' Jon 2:43
03. "Burn Rubber Pt. 2" Lil' Jon 3:08
04. "Keep Bouncin' (Street)" Snoop Dogg, 4:09
05. "Pimpin' Forever" Jazze Pha 4:48
06. "Money Maker" Pimp C, Rick Ross Lil' Jon 4:00
07. "Strip Down" Jazze Pha Jazze Pha 3:47
08. "Nothing Feels Better" Jazze Pha 4:26
09. "Sophisticated" Jazze Pha 4:05
10. "Playa" Jazze Pha 4:11
11. "16 Hoes" Bun B, Jazze Pha Jazze Pha 3:52
12. "Baller" David Banner Sonny B & Filthy Fingaz 3:34
13. "Sadity" Tha Dogg Pound Lil' Jon 3:31
14. "I Want Your Girl" E-40, Dolla Will, Mistah F.A.B. Droop-E 3:35
15. "It's Time To Go" Lil' Jon 3:43
16. "Shake It Baby" Lil' Jon 4:02
*17. "Players Ball" C.A.L. and Don P The P.A. Corporation

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Mack of the Century Too $horts Greatest Hits (2006)

1. Freaky Tales Too $hort 9:34
2. Dope Fiend Beat Too $hort 6:31
3. Life Is ...Too $hort Too $hort 4:34
4. I Ain't Trippin' Too $hort 6:37
5. Short But Funky Too $hort 4:13
6. The Ghetto Too $hort 5:00
7. I'm A Player (Street Version) Too $hort 6:01
8. Blowjob Betty Too $hort 5:27
9. In The Trunk Too $hort 5:50
10. Burn Rubber (Dirty) Too $hort 3:20
11. Cocktales Too $hort 6:06
12. Gettin' It Too $hort 5:42
13. Choosin' (Dirty) Too $hort featuring Jagged Edge and Jazze Pha 3:58

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A Tribe Called Quest Discography

1990: People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm

01. Push It Along
02. Luck Of Lucien (Feat. Lucien Revolucien)
03. After Hours
04. Footprints
05. I Left My Wallet In El Segundo
06. Pubic Enemy (Feat. DJ Red Alert)
07. Bonita Applebum
08. Can I Kick It?
09. Youthful Expression
10. Rhythm (Devoted To The Art Of Moving Butts)
11. Mr. Muhammad
12. Ham 'n' Eggs
13. Go Ahead In The Rain
14. Description Of A Fool

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1991: The Low End Theory

01. Excursions (Feat. The Last Poets)
02. Buggin' Out
03. Rap Promoter
04. Butter
05. Verses From The Abstract (Feat. Ron Carter & Vinia Mojica)
06. Show Business (Feat. Lord Jamar, Sadat X & Diamond D)
07. Vibes And Stuff
08. The Infamous Date Rape
09. Check The Rhime
10. Everything Is Fair
11. Jazz (We've Got)
12. Skypager
13. What?
14. Scenario (Feat. Leaders Of The New School)

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1993: Midnight Marauders

01. Midnight Marauders Tour Guide
02. Steve Biko (Stir It Up)
03. Award Tour (Feat. Trugoy The Dove)
04. 8 Million Stories
05. Sucka Nigga
06. Midnight (Feat. Raphael Wiggins)
07. We Can Get Down
08. Electric Relaxation
09. Clap Your Hands
10. Oh My God (Feat. Busta Rhymes)
11. Keep It Rollin' (Feat. Large Professor)
12. The Chase, Part II
13. Lyrics To Go
14. God Lives Through
15. Hot Sex

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1996: Beats, Rhymes and Life

01. Phony Rappers (Feat. Consequence)
02. Get A Hold
03. Motivators (Feat. Consequence)
04. Jam (Feat. Consequence)
05. Crew
06. The Pressure
07. 1nce Again (Feat. Tammy Lucas)
08. Mind Power (Feat. Consequence)
09. The Hop
10. Keeping It Moving
11. Baby Phife's Return
12. Separate / Together
13. What Really Goes On
14. Word Play (Feat. Consequence)
15. Stressed Out (Feat. Consequence & Faith Evans)

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1998: The Love Movement

01. Start It Up
02. Find A Way
03. Da Booty
04. Steppin' It Up (Feat. Redman & Busta Rhymes)
05. Like It Like That
06. Common Ground (Get It Goin' On)
07. 4 Moms (Feat. Spanky)
08. His Name Is Mutty Ranks
09. Give Me (Feat. Noreaga)
10. Pad & Pen (Feat. D-Life)
11. Busta's Lament
12. Hot 4 U
13. Against The World
14. The Love
15. Rock Rock Y'All (Feat. Mos Def, Jane Doe, Wordsworth & Punchline)

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ATCQ Compilations:

1992: Revised Quest for the Seasoned Traveller

Bonita Applebum (12 Inch Why Edit) - 05:33
I Left My Wallet In El Segundo (Vampire Mix) - 05:57
Description Of A Fool (Talkie) - 03:07
Pubic Enemy (Saturday Night Virus Discomix) - 04:19
Check The Rhime (Mr Muhammad's Mix) - 03:40
Luck Of Lucien (Main Mix) - 07:10
Can I Kick It (Extended Boilerhouse Mix) - 06:40
Scenario (Young Nation Mix) - 05:10
If The Papes Come (Remix) - 04:18
Jazz (We've Got) (Re-Recording) - 04:20
Butter (Hip Hop Mix) - 03:58
Bonita Applebum (Hootie Mix) - 03:16

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1999: The Anthology

"Check the Rhime" – 3:38
"Bonita Applebum" – 3:36
"Award Tour" – 3:26
"Can I Kick It?" – 4:24
"Scenario" – 4:09
"Buggin' Out" – 3:39
"If the Papes Come" – 4:14
"Electric Relaxation" – 3:46
"Jazz (We've Got)" – 4:10
"I Left My Wallet in El Segundo" – 4:06
"Hot Sex" – 2:45
"Oh My God" – 3:24
"Stressed Out" – 4:53
Featuring Faith Evans
"Luck of Lucien" – 4:32
"Description of a Fool" – 5:41
"Keeping It Moving" – 3:48
"Find a Way" – 3:23
"Sucka N***a" – 3:56
"Vivrant Thing" – 3:11

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2003: Hits, Rarities & Remixes

"Oh My God [Remix]"
"Award Tour"
"Can I Kick It?"
"One Two Shit" (Featuring Busta Rhymes)
"Electric Relaxation"
"Mr. Incognito" [#]
"I Left My Wallet in El Segundo"
"Check the Rhime"
"Lyrics to Go [Tumblin' Dice Remix]"
"Scenario" (Featuring Leaders of the New School)
"Same Ol' Thing" (from Men in Black)
"Buggin' Out"
"Bonita Applebum"
"Jazz (We've Got)"
"Glamour & Glitz" {from The Show}
"Clap Your Hands"
"The Night He Got Caught" [#]
"Peace, Prosperity & Paper"

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2006: The Lost Tribes

Oh My God (UK Flavor Radio Mix)
Mardi Gras At Midnight (Feat. Rah Digga)
The Remedy (Feat. Common)
Can I Kick It? (Phase 5 Mix) (Denmark)
Stressed Out Remix (Baby Phife Version)
Scenario (remix) (Feat. Leaders of the New School)
I C U Doing It (Feat. Erykah Badu)
It's Yours
Jam (remix) (Feat. Consequence)
Game Day (Feat. Rodney Hampton)
Glamour & Glitz
Weekendz (Feat. Consequence)
Rumble In The Jungle (Feat. Busta Rhymes, Forte & Fugees)
Practice Session
Bonus Track : That Shit (Feat. Jay Dee)

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2008: The Best of A Tribe Called Quest

Can I Kick It? 4:12
Bonita Applebum 3:36
Vibes And Stuff 4:18
1nce Again 3:49
Jazz (We've Got) 4:19
Like It Like That 2:47
I Left My Wallet In El Segundo 4:07
Hot Sex 2:47
Check The Rhime 3:37
Description Of A Fool 5:42
Sucka Nigga 4:05
Buggin' Out 3:38
Scenario 4:11
Oh My God 3:28
Award Tour 3:46

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