Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gucci Mane Discography

2009: Your Favorite Rappers Favorite Trapper

1. Hold That Thought 5:22
2. Choppa Shoppin 3:20
3. Aww Man 4:03
4. Money Bags Shawty 4:35
5. What They Do 3:13
6. Blowpop 3:40
7. Bad Guy 4:45
8. Bling 4:30
9. So Icy (Remix) 4:19
10. Come Blow Wit Us 5:51
11. Count Dis Money 4:10
12. Booty Shorts 3:50
13. Same Red Rag 3:47
14. Wilt Chamberlin 2:59

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2005: Trap House

"Trap House"
"That's All"
"Booty Shorts"
"Icy" (featuring Boo and Young Jeezy)
"Two Thangs"
"Money Don't Matter" (featuring Torica)
"That's My Hood"
"Lawnmower Man"
"Pyrex Pot"
"Independent Balling Like A Major #1"
"Black Tee" (featuring Bun B, Jody Breeze, Killer Mike, Lil' Scrappy, and Young Jeezy)
"Corner Cuttin" (featuring Khujo Goodie)
"Independent Balling Like A Major #2"
"Damn Shawty" (featuring Young Snead)
"Go Head"(featuring Mac Bre-Z)

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2006: Hard to Kill

"Street Niggaz"
"My Chain" (featuring Black Magic)
"Hold Dat Thought"
"Freaky Gurl"
"Pillz" (featuring Mac Bree-Z)
"Go Head (Shawty Got a Ass on Her)" (featuring Mac Bree-Z)
"Trap Starz"
"Drive Fast"
"Stick Em Up" (featuring Chat)
"Everybody Know Me
"We Live This" (featuring Black Magic and Young Snead)
"Trap Gurl" (featuring Gangsta Boo)
"Alley Cat"
"Blow Pop"
"Big Cat (Laflare)"

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2007: Trap-A-Thon

1. "Big Cat Intro" (Prod. By Lil Jon)
2. "Bling Bling"
3. "Re-Up" (featuring Yatta Mann)
4. "Big Cat's Home"
5. "Freaky Gurl"
6. "What They Do" (featuring Khia and Young Snead)
7. "Aw-Man" (with .45)
8. "Good News & Bad News"
9. "Choppa Shoppin" (featuring Maceo, Black Magic & Young Snead)
10. "Bad Guys" (featuring Black Magic)
11. "Pillz" (featuring Big Tank)
12. "Spanish Plug"
13. "Product"
14. "Bosses Speak"
15. "Freaky Gurl [Remix]" (featuring Maceo) (Bonus Track)
16. "2 Screws Loose" (Bonus Track)

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2007: Back to the Trap House

1. "Freaky Gurl [Remix]" (featuring Lil' Kim & Ludacris) 4:41
2. "16 Fever" 4:17
3. "15 Minutes Past the Diamond" 4:12
4. "I Know Why" (featuring Pimp C, Rich Boy & Blaze-1) 4:00
5. "I Might Be" (featuring Shawnna & The Game) 4:22
6. "What I'm Talking Bout" 3:25
7. "Bird Flu" 3:51
8. "Drink It Straight" (featuring Trey Songz) 4:11
9. "Jump The Line" 4:04
10. "G-Love (You Don't Love Me)" (featuring LeToya Luckett) 3:31
11. "Stash House" 4:35
12. "I'm Cool" 4:01
13. "I Move Chickens" 4:54
14. "Ballers" (featuring Shawnna) 4:04

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2008: Hood Classics

"Street Niggas
"Pyrex Pot"
"Hold Dat Thought"
"Freaky Gurl "
"Trap House"
"Go Head" (featuring Mac Breezy)
"Icy" (featuring Young Jeezy)
"Spanish Plug"
"Black Tee" (featuring Killer Mike and Young Jeezy)
"Two Thangs"
"Trap Starz"
"Bonus Icy Mix" (featuring Young Jeezy)
"Freaky Gurl"(featuring Freekey Zekey)
"Im Da Shit"

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