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Ruff Ryders Discography

1999: Ryde or Die Vol. 1

1. Ryde Or Die [Explicit] 4:01
2. Down Bottom [Explicit] 4:55
3. What Ya Want [Explicit] 4:21
4. Jigga My Nigga [Explicit] 4:39
5. Takin' Money (Skit) [Explicit] 0:39
6. Dope Money [Explicit] 4:23
7. I'm A Ruff Ryder [Explicit] 5:10
8. Bugout [Explicit] 1:19
9. Kiss Of Death [Explicit] 3:43
10. The Hood [Explicit] 3:51
11. Platinum Plus [Explicit] 3:40
12. Buff Ryders (Skit) [Explicit] 0:33
13. Do That S*** [Explicit] 3:51
14. Pina Colada [Explicit] 4:11
15. Some X S*** [Explicit] 4:48

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2000: Ryde or Die Vol. 2

01. WW III (Feat. Snoop Dogg, Scarface,Yung Wun & Jadakiss)
02. 2 Tears In A Bucket (Feat. Redman, Method Man & Sheek Louch)
03. Got It All (Feat. Eve & Jadakiss)
04. Ryde Or Die Boyz (Feat. Yung Wun & Larsiny)
05. It's A Holiday (Skit)
06. Holiday (Feat. Styles P.)
07. Weed, Hoes, Dough (Feat. Drag-On)
08. Fuck Da Haters (Skit)
09. Fright Night (Feat. Busta Rhymes & Swizz Beatz)
10. My Name Is Kiss (Feat. Jadakiss)
11. Twisted Heat (Feat.Twista & Drag-On)
12. Go 'Head (Feat. The Lox)
13. I'm A H-O-E (Skit)
14. Stomp (Feat. Trick Daddy & Yung Wun)
15. The Great (Feat. DMX)
16. It's Going Down (Feat. Parlé)

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2001: Ryde or Die Vol. 3

01. Intro (Feat. Swizz Beatz)
02. Dirrty (Feat. Drag-On & Petey Pablo)
03. They Ain't Ready (Feat. Jadakiss & Bubba Sparxx)
04. U, Me & She (Feat. Eve)
05. Cali Love (Skit)
06. Eastside Ryders (Feat. Tray Deee, Styles P. & Goldie Loc)
07. Rock Bottom (Feat. Fiend & McAfee)
08. We Don't Give A Fuck (Feat. Drag-On & Fiend)
09. Some South Shit (Feat. Fiend, Ludacris & Yung Wun)
10. Street Team (Feat. Drag-On, Infa-Red & Cross)
11. Put It In Your Hole (Skit)
12. Shoot 'Em In Tha Head (Feat. Styles P.)
13. Keep Hustlin' (Feat. The Lox)
14. Gonna Be Sumthin' (Feat. Infa-Red, Cross & Aja Smith)
15. Friend Of Mine (Feat. DMX)
16. Can't Let Go (Feat. Parlé)
17. Ruff Ryders All-Star Freestyle (Feat. Styles P., Jae Hood, Shizlansky, Cam, Lock, Rockstar & Cassidy)

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2005: The Redemption Vol. 4

"Ruff Ryders 4 Life" (performed by The L.O.X.)
"If It's Beef..." (performed by Kartoon, Jadakiss, Infa.Red and Flashy)
"Knock Knock" (performed by Drag-On & Chocolate Ty)
"What They Want" (performed by Swizz Beatz, Infa.Red and Cross)
"Ghetto Children" (performed by Styles P, Infa.Red and Cross, Snypah and Bunny Wailer)
"Dame Reggaeton (Skit)"
"Dame Reggaeton" (performed by Pirate and Noreaga)
"What Ryders Do" (performed by Aja Smith, Scarlett and Kartoon)
"Stay Down" (performed by Flashy and Akon)
"Get Wild" (performed by DMX, Jadakiss, Kartoon and Flashy)
"Blood In The Streets" (performed by Kartoon)
"Stupid Bitch" (performed by Aja Smith)
"Aim 4 The Head" (performed by Jin, J-Hood and Cassidy) (Produced by Swizz Beatz)
"Throw It Up" (performed by Drag-On)
"Keep The Gunz Cocked (If It's Beef... Remix)" (performed by Kartoon, Jadakiss, Infa.Red and Flashy)
"Dale Poppie Dale" (performed by Pirate)
"100 Bars Of Crack" (performed by Flashy)
"So Serious" (performed by LT)

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